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Chief's Welcome

Welcome to the Eastport Fire Department’s website. We are very fortunate that in 2019 we are to be able to celebrate over 106 years of dedicated service to our community. We have protected the communities of Eastport, Speonk, Remsenburg and parts of Manorville vigilantly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for more than a century and are strong in the best values, and traditions of the fire service.

Please know how honored and privileged I feel to be representing our community as Chief of Department. I began my volunteer fire fighting career over 34 years ago and continued through my military career serving the communities, I lived in.  Joining the Eastport Fire Department 10 years ago, never did I think I would have the awesome responsibility and privilege to lead this department in this capacity. I am very proud of the work we do here at Eastport on many levels. From training on the latest equipment, to refreshing on the basics. While handling the simplest of Automatic Alarms giving reassurance to our community members that everything is ok, to the most complicated Heavy Rescue extrications. No matter what the challenge, know we are up for the challenge. This department always stands tall even when kneeling down to help our neighbors. Our department will always rise to the challenges only to pause and pay tribute to a fallen brother or sister. This is just one of the reasons I feel so fortunate to stand among the ranks and lead this fine group of Volunteer Professionals into 2023.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who continue to make this department a success.  The Board of Fire Commissioners, the Officers, the Members, the Ladies Auxiliary and last but certainly not least, the Junior Fire Company. Without all your support in all that we do, our department would not be as successful as we are. I feel that having a department that is so dedicated to its community starts at home. The men and women that make up the Eastport Fire Department are only able to do so because of the selfless sacrifice of their families and significant others. The community is much safer for their gracious gift of time and energy spent away from home and I as Chief, thank each one of you.

With the support of my fellow chiefs, officers, firefighters, and YOU, the community, I fully intend to lead our department in the direction of progress and prosperity. With over a century of tradition, service, and integrity behind us, I am very excited for the year to come.

Department Officers

Department Chiefs

Department Captains

Department Lieutenants

Thomas AlbinJohn DalenClifford HaughnVirginia MasseyDavid Schwack
Richard BaulchJoseph DalenChristopher HulseChristopher MurrayJoseph Tortorice
Bernadette BlackfordJason DobrieGordon KelleyDakota MurrayMichael Tortorice
Terrence BlackfordScott FinneRyan KingMadison MurrayPhilip Tortorice
Sean CaseyNat FreyChester Massey Jr.Robert NavratilDamon Vogel
Thomas CollinsBidzna GochiladzeKurt MasseyLudwig NowakowskiWilliam Weick
Michael ContiWilliam P. GloverPaul MasseyRyan ParrishEdward Witkowski
Randy CrennanWilliam D. GloverRoss MasseyAlexander Raynor
denotes Ex-Chief

James BakerAshley FreyKeith KostukMatthew O’ReillyMatthew Scott
Christopher BancroftMike GossPatrick LebrunJohn O’SheaLance Smith
John “Chip” BancroftWilliam GrahamRobert LyndeJohn RankinMatthew Stevens
Roland BrownWilliam Hartman, Jr.Sean McArdleMelissa RankinRobert Stachnik
John CappabiancaThomas JacobsenJeffrey McBurnieDavid RoseMichael Wimmer
Craig ConaughtyRobert JaegerMark McBurnie IIIScott RoseRobert Wimmer, Jr.
Stewart DaccusMichael JoyceDarrin MuldowneySteven SchaeferStewart Worby
Richard DiemJeffrey KelleyPaul NorthrupEdward SchneyerMark Yakaboski
Jesse DunlapAndrew KirwinTadeusz NowakowskiMatthew SchultzRoy Yeager
denotes Ex-Chief

Fire Police Company Officers

Henry AdelwerthRichard McNeil
Richard AllenRobert W.Pitney
Louis BancroftMilton Raynor
Christopher BernthWilliam Rodriguez
Jack CappozzolaDonald Rogers
Melvin GordonPaul Smith
Jeff KelleyBarry Vicik
Francis MazuraCarl Woronka

Department Officers

Safety Officers

Past Chiefs

NameYears Served
E.T. Williams1923
Bert Pinkham1924
Allen Bell1925 – 1927
Rodney Jayne1928
Edward Bristow1929 – 1930
Allen Bell1931
Cornell Raynor1932
Evan Jayne1933
Cornelius Keck1934 – 1937
Chester Pitney1937 – 1938
Rodney Jayne1939 – 1942
C. James Mattola1942
Reginald Hawkins1942
Harry Baker1943 – 1945
Rodney Jayne1946 – 1947
Harry Baker1948
Cornelius Keck1949 – 1950
John Kostuk1950 – 1951
Robert Pitney1951 – 1952
Haskell Warner1952 – 1957
Gordon Farlow1957 – 1958
Herbert Brown1958 – 1963
Malcolm Griffing1963 – 1965
John Baker Jr.1965 – 1967
Arthur Worthington1967 – 1974
Elbert Gordon1974 – 1976
Jeffrey Frey1976 – 1979
Thomas Collins1979 – 1981
John Pettit1981 – 1982
Randy Crennan1982 – 1983
Richard Diem1983 – 1985
Theodore Worthington1985 – 1988
Paul Massey1988 – 1990
Clifford Haughn1990 – 1992
Keith Kostuk1993 – 1994
James Baker1995 – 1996
Kurt Massey1997 – 1998
Steven Schaefer1999 – 2000
Michael Wimmer2001 – 2002
Edward Schneyer2003 – 2005
Richard Baulch2006 – 2007
Thomas Jacobsen2008 – 2009
Ryan King2010 – 2013
William Weick2014 – 2015
Mark J. Yakaboski2016 – 2018
Michael Tortorice2019-2021
John Rankin2022
John Dalen2023-

Fire Prevention

Fire prevention is held traditionally during the early part of October.

The history of Fire Prevention Week has its roots in the Great Chicago Fire, which occurred on October 9, 1871. This tragic conflagration killed more than 250 people, left 100,000 homeless, destroyed more than 17,400 structures and burned more than 2000 acres in 27 hours. The origin of the fire has generated speculation since its occurrence, with fact and fiction becoming blurred over the years. One popular legend is that Mrs. Catherine O’Leary was milking her cow when the animal kicked over a lamp, setting the O’Leary’s barn on fire and starting the spectacular blaze.

It was determined that the major causes of the tragedy were the design of the buildings, a pitifully inadequate fire department, but foremost, the total lack of public education to the danger of Fire. In an effort to correct this problem, Fire Prevention week was initiated during the early part of this century.

The Eastport Fire Department established a fire prevention program in the 1960’s. The department has been committed to educating the children at Eastport Elementary, Remsenburg Elementary and Raynor Country Day School. We visit these schools in early October during fire prevention week. We hold an annual poster contest followed by an open house at our fire house. In the spring the kindergarten class visits the fire house for a fun day of learning about fire safety.